Sliders are windows that open sideways, give ample ventilation and offer larger viewing areas than most.  Often sliders are used to meet egress because of the large openings and ease of use.  These are usually the least expensive of all the window types.  What makes them affordable is the fact that the window is very simple, having the lock as the only mechanical part and using basic seals. 

Single/Double Hung-

            Single/Double hung windows are the most familiar windows. The difference between the two are simple, single hung has a fixed upper sash and the bottom sash slides up and the double hung has both sashes that moves.  The upper sash moves down while the lower sash moves up. Some advantages of a double hung is that it has somewhat better ventilation allowing air to flow in and out through both the upper and lower vents.  Also a double hung window is easier to maintain and clean as you are able to clean both inside and outside of the window because both sashes are able to move and often one of the sashes can pop out for even easier cleaning.  Both of these windows offer classic window design but offer less when it comes to ventilation.  Also, these windows are more prone to air leakage than other windows that are offered.


            Picture windows are used where ventilation is not important or needed because picture windows do not open.  These windows are usually used to take advantage of ample sunlight and beautiful views.   Often these windows are also used for second story foyers widows because they do not open.  Picture windows are less prone to air leakage but are more susceptible thermal or heat transfer because the panes of glass are usually bigger than most windows.


            These windows open outward and pivots from the side.  These windows usually provide ample light like a picture window but also provide the option for having an opening.  Casement windows also offer more ventilation than most other windows available.  The other benefit of these types of windows are that, when closed and locked, they create a seal that is very effective from an energy saving stand point.  


            Just like casement windows, these windows open outward but pivot from the top.  These are usually seen on top, and on occasion, the bottom of big picture windows to help provide some ventilation.  Also, awning windows can be installed on top of doors.  These types of windows should not be installed near walkways or other areas exposed to any traffic.

Bay Window-

            Bay windows allow for light to come in at different angles. Also, these windows usually have side windows that allow for ventilation.  Commonly, bay windows are used in kitchens and family rooms due to the fact that these windows have large sills that can be used as seats or for plants.  Bay windows are great to ad angles to your structure.  


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