Vinyl Windows-

Vinyl windows are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).  Basically, they ae made of the same material as plumbing pipes and fittings.  The vinyl is extruded into straight pieces and then the material is cut and welded to form the window frames.  Most window types can be made from vinyl and is affordable.  Also, vinyl is a good material for insulation, yet another reason vinyl is commonly used.

Aluminum Windows-

Known as a tough, long lasting material, aluminum can give a more modern look to your home.  If left raw and unfinished (i.e. not painted) they can be extremely low maintenance and durable.  Unlike other materials, they won’t be affected by weathering, and they also won’t rot or mold.  In the other hand, aluminum windows are expensive and are not very energy efficient.  This material will allow for more thermal transfer, in other words it will heat you house faster in the hot months and cool it faster in the cold months.

Fiberglass Windows-

Fiberglass windows are made from extruded fiberglass and often look like vinyl windows but are duller.  These windows are known to resist weathering more than any other material.  This is because the material is close to the actual glass, that both will expand and contract the same amount during changes in the temperature making fiberglass excellent during heat transfer.  Fiberglass can be painted to help with the dull appearance, but in most cases paint still doesn’t help.  As expensive as fiberglass is, most people go with vinyl due to the similarity in look and a cheaper cost.

Wood Windows-

When it comes to wood windows, they are just as durable as other materials, but they also require more maintenance than others.  You can still get good strength and a very appealing look out of wood, however, if maintenance is not kept up you can suffer from rot and expansion in the wood that will cause nothing but headaches.   


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