Are you starting to notice issues in your windows? Maybe a small crack in the glass, or a noticeable draft coming through your windows and they are shut.  You may even notice some fogging or condensation in between the panes of glass.  These are all common issues that your window may start showing.  So, what should you do?  Replace the entire window or just the glass?

Broken Pane of Glass-

            If what you have is a broken piece of glass, you may have options.  If your windows are not too old and the frame still looks like it is in good condition, you may be able to just have the insulated glass unit (IGU) replaced instead of the entire window.  This will obviously save you some money since it is just the IGU you are replacing and not the entire window.  In this case a window technician will come out, take out the broken IGU, clean up all adhesive and build up on the frame, install the new IGU and replace all glazing to properly seal the window.  

Fogging, Condensation or Streaking-

            Starting to notice something is forming between your panes of glass on a double or triple pane window?  This is usually caused by failed insulation between the panes and air is allowed to enter causing fogging, condensation and even streaking.  When this happens, you can have a professional come to your house and replace the IGU.  Having this option is quick to repair and keeps the cost light on your wallet.

Drafty Window –

            What to do if there is a noticeable draft coming from your window?  While you still have the option to change out the IGU, this may not be the right solution for this issue.  Replacing the entire window may be the best option at this point as this is a problem that occurs in older windows.  Replacing your windows with energy efficient widows will save you money in the long run by lowering the cost of your energy bill and potentially raising the value of your home. Energy efficient windows help save on your energy bill by allowing you to be able to regulate the temperature in your home, in turn you will use the AC and heater less throughout the year.

To Replace or Not Replace…

            As your window ages and problems begin to show its ugly face, you can now have some piece of mind as to what your options are. If it is just a broken piece of glass you can just have the IGU replaced with a new one.  The same goes for most cases in a window that has become foggy or showing condensation. When the window starts to become drafty is when you should really consider replacing the entire window.   It is still best to contact a professional to assess the extent of the issue and give you the steps that follow for repair.  Beginning this process can be easy with ABC Windows & More.  Give us a call today to schedule one of our window technicians to come out and assess your windows for free with no obligation.  


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